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1. How does a medi spa differ from a day spa?

When comparing a day spa to a MediSpa, there are several differences that stand out. A day spa is designed as a get away from the hustle and bustle of life. At Essenza Medi Spa we offer traditional spa services along with skin care services using medically based treatments and prescription strength ingredients under the supervision of Dr. Edythe W. Stewart. Essenza Medi Spa treatments not only help you escape from the stress of the day, but improves your well-being for a lifetime.

2. What should you expect when visiting Essenza MediSpa?

When you enter our MediSpa, you are in a safe, relaxing and nurturing environment. For your first visit, there will be a few forms for you to fill out, and then you will be taken into one of our treatment rooms for your consultation with our professional staff. Since we also offer a traditional spa menu, you can enjoy a facial or massage during the same visit.

3. What types of problems can be treated at Essenza MediaSpa?

Rosacea (red cheeks), acne, hirsutism (hairiness), sun damage, wrinkles, melasma, spider veins, and cellulite.

4. What do you need to do before a laser treatment?

Do not tan in the sun or a tanning bed for 2 weeks before any laser treatment. If you plan to undergo a hair removal treatment, do not shave or use a depilatory (like Nair) on the area the day before the treatment. Do not pluck or wax the hair.

5. What do you need to do after a laser treatment?

During the first 2 days following the treatment, care should be taken to prevent trauma to the treated site: avoid hot baths, massage, exercising, etc. Sunblock should be used to protect the treated area for at least one month after treatment. Tanning after treatment may cause hyperpigmentation.

Cancel/No show policy

We here at Essenza MediSpa respectfully request that you give a 24 hour notice for any cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not permitted in the spa area. Please turn all cell phones off upon entering the spa.


Many people visit spas for complete relaxation and wish to enjoy peace and quiet as well as the spa facilities and treatments. Therefore, we do not allow anyone under the age of 16 in our spa unless they are receiving a treatment.


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