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Why should I wax instead of shave?

If you have ever shaved, you most likely have suffered nicks, cuts, and razor burn which may have become infected due to your razor not being clean enough. In addition, to maintain your smooth skin, daily maintenance may be required.


With a wax, you will notice significantly better results. Hair stays gone longer, there is less chance of an outbreak, and there is no risk of nicks or cuts. Plus, your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated after a waxing session. Essenza offers many options for all parts of the body and offers services for both men and women.

Brows - $20
Upper Lip - $15
Trad Bikini - $40
Full Face - $40
Half Leg - $60
Brazilian - $75
Full Arm - $45
Full Leg - $120+
Full Back - $105
Half Back - $65
Forearm - $20
Underarm - $20
Waxing ½ leg - $60


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