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Why should I get a massage?

Besides the common reasons to get a massage: stress, back pain, or anxiety; there are a number of medical reasons why massages are beneficial towards your overall health. People who receive routine massages see benefits every day. Better sleep, better concentration, and an overall better mood are just a few of the positive side effects of therapeutic massage.

Many doctors prescribe therapeutic massage to their patients to help ailments ranging from headaches and sports injuries to anxiety and depression. Plus, receiving a massage is safer and more effective in some instances then medication.


Essenza Signature Massage

A perfect choice for the first time spa-goer. This Swedish massage combines light, soothing strokes in order to relieve muscle tension, decrease stress, and promote relaxation. This massage comes with the new Spa Ritual.

$60 for 60 Minutes

Energy Boost Massage

If you're pressed for time, this massage is the perfect choice for you. This quick, 30-minute massage gives you that 'second wind' so that you'll be ready to face the day!

$40 for 30 Minutes
$60 for 60 Minutes

Stress Reliever (Hand & Foot)

A combined hand and foot massage that will ease tension, relieve stress, and leave you feeling renewed.

$30 for 30 Minutes
$50 for 60 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

What most people term as the 'Swedish' massage; our Deep Tissue Massage concentrates on tight, tense muscles in your back and body. A great massage choice for those who put their body under a lot of stress on the job or while working out.

$85 for 60 Minutes

Prenatal Massage

Are you expecting? Our Prenatal massage will help you feel great. Our massage therapist is trained in prenatal massage, and can help you in a number of ways. Prenatal massage can help reduce swelling, stress, and anxiety; as well as improve circulation; and much more.

$90 for 60 Minutes


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